I have decided to make a page about my interest in boardgames and the like, to try and make people more interested and maybe willing to try out. There are so many different ones and so many categories within categories that I just divided them into 3 different ones. Card games, Role playing games and Boardgames.

To try and define boardgames is so hard. Some of them doesnt even use a board! So how could I! But they usually consist of a couple to a group of people sitting down together at the same place and play. Everybody probably knows about Monopoly and Risk, which are rather daunting and can take hours upon hours to complete. But there are also games limited to 15 minutes and games that have no limit at all and can go on for as long as people want. There are games where there are strict rules for you to follow, there are games where the rules constantly change and there are even  games where you yourself make up the rules.

I will take a few of my favorite games and try to explain them and try to make you understand why I love to sit down for hours on end just with a box full of paper, cardboard and plastic.