Settlers of Catan

Also known as “The Ender of Friendships”. This game is a very well known and actually good game. Even though I hate it will all my heart and soul, I like to play it, and it is a superb game to introduce new people to board games.
The point of the game is to build a couple of cities and get to 5 victory points before the other players. This you can do by building cities next to different sort of tiles that give you different materials to build with. 
all the tiles are numbered. Buildings and roads can only be built between the tiles. 
Each round you roll dice to see what materials people get. And if you don’t get the materials you need to get your roads och citys built you can trade with the other players on your turn. 
BUT!!! Then there is the thief! The goddamn Thief! Whenever someone rolls a 7 they get to move a little wooden figure that destroys all your plans!!! When you place the thief on a tile, that tile won’t give you what that tile would usually give you. That tile lies barren until someone gets a 7 again and gets to move the thief to another tile. So this i a way for people to control what materials  the other players can get. 

But honestly. This is a good and fun game. Although you will probably hate the other players for a couple of days afterwards…(Maybe it’s just me. I don’t know…)

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