Star Realms

Star realms is a very easy cardgame where you basically have to destroy your opponent. It is possible to play if you are alone or up to 4 people. But i would recommend it for just 2 people. I found that the most entertaining mode.

You start with a standard hand of ten cards 8 scouts and 2 vipers and a life total of 50. (Here I would recommend that you use a counter on your phone or tablet, instead of the cards that come with just out of convenience flipping cards that take up a lot of room and try to see how much life you or your opponent has is just a hassle.) The scout has a little coin symbol on it and the viper has a little sight icon that symbolises attack. Every scout is worth one coin which is used to buy new ships or bases. The last symbol on a card is health and is green. 
All cards have some text on them except the viper and scout. This text says what the ship is capable of.  Some ships can attack, some ships heal, some ships can force the other player to play one less card the next turn and so on. Easy to learn but hard to master. There are also 4 different parties in the game that make the cards more powerful. There is a symbol of the faction on the card and some card show this symbol in the text on the card. This means that if you have another card with that symbol you can also add what that piece of the card says. Then there are the bases There are two different kinds of bases, regular bases and outpost. If you have an outpost in front of you the other player must attack that one before he can attack you. And the attack must be equal to or more than the outpost has to destroy it. The damage does not stay until next round. Those are the basics of the game and I will hopefully update this text and put up a video later.


Since all of my boardgames are in boxes until a week after the presentation This will have to do. I donĀ“t want to steal pictures to put up here just now.

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